About Us

Jaffna is located in the north of Sri Lanka and is one of the areas which is heavily affected by the civil war. Due to that, many people in and around Jaffna suffer from poverty. The reason why JaffnaSpeaks exists today is because members of JaffnaSpeaks see communication as a way out of misery. Especially now, with the political issues and after the civil war in Sri Lanka, communication between the two disputed parties could be the first step towards understanding each other.

JaffnaSpeaks C.I.C., established in May 2013, is a social enterprise, registered in the UK. Its aim is to build a language school in Jaffna and to offer free language courses for war and poverty affected people.

How ?

JaffnaSpeaks raises money by offering private tuition classes. Customers can book them in the UK and in Germany. Our volunteers teach the children and the total fee of all classes goes into the JaffnaSpeaks fund. Furthermore we are constantly planning to arrange fundraising events. We are also seeking companies which are willing to sponsor us financially, as well as with necessary equipment and other resources.

We have team managers for each country and city who will supervise and coordinate the volunteers, the classes and the events. None of the JaffnaSpeaks members gets a salary for the work they do.

In order to make our vision of creating a better life for the war and poverty affected people through education and communication reality, the JaffnaSpeaks - Team is working hard.
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