About Us
Blufarms Agro Pvt Ltd is engaged in production and trading of lofty quality fresh fruits and vegetables and also supplies these to domestic and export market. Company controls,directs and manages the operation from farming to consumption, which includes performing large scale farm level operations, analysing the process right through the supply chain. Also we have a large network of cultivator across India to ensure a regular supply of quality produce . The strength of the company is a highly experienced team of sales men; each one trained and specialized in a particular product range and supported by administrative and logistics team dedicated to enhance the service provided . Our database of knowledge and contacts permit us to maintain consistent supply for our customers throughout the year. Our trained export management team has a great depth of knowledge of overseas markets in Asia, Europe, The Middle East and North America giving us a good understanding of buyer’s requirements in those markets.

To provider our customers with cream of crops products & services.

To impart consultancy & agricultural solutions so as to educate farmers on minimizing their cost of cultivation without compromising on quality & yeild. We also believe in sourcing and distributing high quality of agro product in the world wholesale and retail produce industry with the best service in a timely manner.

Core Values
We believe in functioning ingenuously so as to provide best products and services to our customers.

We will act with integrity with each other, our partners, customers and vendors. We will behave with unyielding ethics and honesty and inspire trust by doing what we say we will do.

We will care for our teammates throughout the company and customers as we help each other thrive.